From Jacob Feldman to Alvin Toffler

Dear Mr.Toffler!

In your interview for EDUTOPIA in February, 2007 you spoke about educational system. You said that the system must be replaced but this is the problem you cannot solve.

I am happy to inform you that I know how to solve the problem. See key ideas of the solution below.

18 years ago in 1989 I discovered a model called Levels' theory. The model defines a Grandscale of 10 levels (from 0 to 9) and asserts that whatever we do we do on one of the levels of Grandscale and never beyond. There is a strong correspondence between your waves and subscales of the Grandscale. See the table below

Toffler's Waves Feldman's Subscales

Every school you can see around prepares children for specific subscale. But in the modern world every person must be prepared for the Grandscale, not for any specific part of it.

But! to build such school (3) we have to train our teachers (2) and bureaucrats (1 - the first step!) for Grandscale. I have almost everything for the training. Almost.

Best regards for your wife Heidi from my wife Helen and best wishes for you both

Jacob Feldman
Now from Russia

schools and waves

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